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Is it possible to strengthen the immune system with honey?

The healing power of honey has been known since ancient times, it is used to treat various ailments, for cosmetic purposes and to strengthen immunity. Immunodeficiency conditions in adults and children are quite common in conditions of poor ecology and constant stressful situations. It is important to constantly strengthen your body to prevent the development of various diseases caused by a decrease in immunity. Let’s look at how you can use a popular beekeeping product to preserve your health.

How does the use of honey affect the immune system?
Bee honey is considered a unique product due to its composition rich in vitamins, useful trace elements and enzymes. At the same time, all the components of the natural “medicine” appear in a state that allows them to be absorbed very easily and quickly by the human body.
Reference. It is impossible to name the exact composition of honey, it depends on many factors: the type of honey plants, weather conditions, the region of collection of raw materials, etc. However, any kind of honey has only a positive effect on the body.
The general composition of honey is represented by the following components:
• vitamins A, B, E, C, K;
• carbohydrates;
• proteins;
• organic compounds;
• enzymes;
• minerals;
• folic acid;
• bactericidal substances.
The complex effect of these components ensures the strengthening of the body and helps it to combat the harmful effects of the environment. Organic compounds contained in honey (essential, tannins, acids, alkaloids, etc.) have restorative and stimulating properties that enhance immunity, which allows you to compare the effect of honey on the immune system with the effect of the use of modern immunomodulators.
Regular consumption of honey has the following effects on the body:
• improves overall well-being;
• supports physical and mental activity;
• fights inflammatory processes;
• cleanses the blood;
• improves sleep and appetite;
• regulates metabolic processes;
• increases the body’s resistance to pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

Honey is recommended to be included in the daily diet for people with a tendency to frequent colds and viral diseases.
Which honey should I choose to strengthen the immune system?
To increase immunity, any kind of honey is suitable, the main thing is that it is natural and raw. High-quality honey has the following characteristics:
• it has a cloying, but specific taste, causes a slight burning sensation;
• has a characteristic specific aroma, which is absent from unnatural honey;
• it can be of different colors depending on the variety, for example, buckwheat honey has a dark brown shade, lime – a characteristic amber;
• natural honey when rubbed between the fingers is evenly distributed and absorbed into the skin;
• when pouring out of a spoon, honey gradually spreads out in a thin ribbon.
Important! It is worth buying honey from a trusted seller who has his own apiary.
All varieties of bee product have medicinal and restorative properties, but according to experts, the following types have proven themselves best in the prevention and control of colds:
• lime;
• crimson;
• kipreyny;
• sunflower.
How to use honey to increase immunity?
Honey is an indispensable component for the preparation of popular mixtures that cure colds and many other diseases. Together with honey, medicinal mixtures usually include nuts, ginger, lemons, dried fruits, etc.
To maintain immunity, you can use honey in its pure form, 1 spoonful a day on an empty stomach in the morning, it is also allowed to add it to warm drinks. It is not necessary to add honey to very hot teas or dilute with boiling water, so it loses its healing properties.
A restorative mixture for immunity with honey
There are several popular recipes for mixtures based on bee product, which have proven themselves well as a tonic, especially in cold seasons.
For the prevention of colds in adults and children, it is recommended to use 1 teaspoon of lemon-nut mixture on an empty stomach per day, it can be prepared as follows:

  1. Chop 4 lemons together with the peel.
  2. Combine them with 100 ml of aloe juice.
  3. Add 500 g of chopped walnuts.
  4. Pour 300 g of natural honey, mix.

Attention! Mixtures of natural honey after cooking are usually laid out in small glass jars and stored in a cool place.

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