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How to consume honey

For everyone. The use of honey is useful not only for those who want to get rid of the disease, but also for healthy people — to prevent various ailments and strengthen immunity. This “medicine” tastes good and can be included in your daily diet by adding it to various dishes. The combination of honey with nuts and cereals, cottage cheese and dried fruits is especially useful for the body.
The daily norm. The normal daily dose of honey (with regular use) is 70-100 g (approximately 3 tablespoons of the product).
The consume of honey in the morning. The use of honey in the morning has tremendous benefits for the body: it helps to wake up, gives a charge of vivacity and fills with energy, improves metabolic processes and removes toxins.
The benefits of honey for men. Honey strengthens the male body, increases immune protection and serves as a prevention of colds. Also, natural honey helps to cope with diseases of the cardiovascular system, which are in the first place among “male” diseases.
The benefits of honey for women. Honey is one of the most valuable products for women! It not only strengthens the body and preserves youth, but also helps in the treatment of many “female” diseases.
Pregnant women. Ordinary and whipped honey (cream honey) is especially useful for pregnant women. It fills the body with vitamins and trace elements, replenishes strength and has a restorative effect.
For children. It is difficult to force children to eat honey, it is recommended for children to cook compote, cool to a temperature of 30-40*With and instead of sugar, it will dissolve natural honey. This compote will be very healthy, delicious and fragrant!!!And there are also honey products based on honey and nuts, dried fruits.
For those who want to lose weight, Regular consumption of honey, despite its caloric content and high sugar content, helps to lose weight, because it effectively breaks down fat. Honey is easily absorbed by the body and is a dietary product, which allows you to enjoy this delicacy without harm to the figure.
Athletes. The athletes’ body is subjected to significant loads. Honey is a natural energizer that helps them regain strength and supplies them with minerals and vitamins. The combination with rosehip broth, dried fruits, nuts enhances the effect of the delicacy and each of these components.
Sweet tooth. It will be useful for a sweet tooth to hear that a glass of warm water drunk in the morning with a teaspoon of honey and a drop of lemon juice is a great drink for any diet.
Diabetics. By the way, this can explain the fact that before the discovery of insulin, it was honey that treated diabetes. Doctors simply recommended that patients eat honey instead of sugar and this method led to amazing results.
Allergy sufferers. Those who are allergic to natural honey are recommended to use lighter varieties of honey like esparcet, clover, etc. Or it is better to add honey to ready-made dishes or warm drinks. For example, in porridge, muesli, pastries or cheesecakes, pancakes. You can add honey to ordinary warm water.
Who has cardiovascular diseases. Honey, in turn, also happens to be different: for example, dark honey contains more copper, iron and manganese than light honey. Therefore, dark honey is preferred for the treatment of various diseases of the cardiovascular system and for antibacterial action.
Who has gastritis. And light breaks down fats better and helps to balance the level of acidity in the stomach, so it is used for diseases of the digestive system and diets.
Health and preventive courses based on “honey”. It is possible to conduct 3-4 times a year 2-month health and preventive “honey” courses: honey dissolved in water is taken 3 times a day 1.5-2 hours before meals or 3 hours after meals. In this case, the following dosage is recommended (per adult): 30-60 g in the morning, 40-60 g in the afternoon and 30-60 g in the evening (100-180 g per day).
For cosmetology. Many cosmetic products for skin and hair contain honey in their composition. There are countless recipes for homemade masks based on honey to preserve female beauty.
Not recommended!!! Do not put honey in hot water — the temperature should not exceed 40-45 degrees, otherwise you will lose all the useful properties of this product. If honey is heated to 60 degrees and above, then it begins to emit toxic substances and becomes simply harmful.

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