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Interesting things about honey

12 Amazing Beauty Uses For Honey To Benefit Skin, Hair, and Nails
  • Did you know that…
  • • that good-quality honey always crystallizes well, tightly and evenly.
  • • that turbidity of liquid honey is a sure sign of its crystallization.
  • • that honey promotes better absorption of calcium, which is necessary for the formation of the skeleton.
  • • that infants are particularly difficult to digest sweets consisting of complex sugars, and perfectly perceive honey.
  • • that the feeling of physical and mental fatigue disappears as soon as you drink a glass of warm boiled water with a spoonful of honey dissolved in it.
  • • that honey stimulates the heart muscle, protects the liver, has a positive effect on the secretory and motor functions of the stomach and small intestine, improves blood circulation and the general condition of the body.
  • • that to determine the maturity of honey, it is enough to pay attention to its consistency. Mature honey is wound on a spoon, flows down from it in an even trickle, without breaking into drops, while a slide forms on the surface. The last drop of honey will pull up and spring back to the spoon.
  • • that the daily intake of 50-70 g of honey (excluding other sweets) for 1-2 months normalizes the blood composition, improves the activity of the heart and blood vessels, and finally improves the overall condition.
  • • that honey for a recovering body is a great opportunity to stock up on calories without tiring the food apparatus.
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  • • that honey is much better than sugar, refreshes and preserves muscle strength.
  • • that honey promotes faster and normal growth of the body. Especially for children.
  • • that it is most useful to use honey with warm boiled water, also with tea, milk, that is, in solution.
  • • that honey has bactericidal properties, it has a detrimental effect on bacteria.
  • • that honey normalizes the acidity of gastric juice, increasing low and lowering high, that is, it brings it back to normal.
  • • that honey masks strengthen and soften the skin.
  • • what if bread is absorbed by our body by 85%, potatoes by 89%, honey is absorbed entirely without residue by 100%.
  • • that the child’s body hardly breaks down sugar into simple sugars, and this often ends up with an upset stomach (bloating and constipation), while honey is ideal for children to eat.
  • • that the vitamins found in honey (as in other natural foods) have more activity than pharmacy vitamins.
  • • that regular consumption of honey increases the body’s stability and increases life expectancy.
  • • that by taking honey in small portions and holding it in the mouth, you can alleviate the condition of inflammatory processes in the throat and oral cavity”
  • • that the use of honey inside creates the best conditions for the nutrition of the heart muscle.
Honey's Eternal Shelf Life, Explained | Discover Magazine

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